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Past Exhibitions :

Auguste Clown Gallery (Australie) - Literal Eyes, London Miles Gallery (Londres) - Sanrio for Smiles, Mi Japan (Italie) -  Sweet Streets 2, Nucleus Gallery (Los Angeles) - Pink Attitude, Compound Gallery (Portland) - Tribute to Sky Doll, La Gallery (Montréal) - Sweet Streets, Nucleus Gallery (Los Angeles) - Mekaneko, Artoyz (Paris) - Curvy, Mori Gallery (Sydney) - La Jolie Poupée, Compound Gallery (US) - 101 prints, Cry Baby Gallery (New Jersey) - Wallcandy Art, The Louise Blouin Institute (Londres) - Pink Attitude Party, Becool Art Space (Rome) - Small Stuff 2, Bear and Bird (Floride) - Power in Numbers 3, Nucleus Gallery (Los Angeles).



Clients : 



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